The Get Engaged program is an innovative program from the City of Seattle and the Accelerator YMCA (formerly Metrocenter YMCA). We place emerging leaders ages 18-29 on 19 different public Boards and Commissions each year and support their development of leadership competencies.

The Get Engaged term runs from September through August each year. The applications for the 2017-2018 Get Engaged term will be available here April 1st through May 19th, 2017.

Want more information?

2017-18 Get Engaged Info Sessions

Many Boards/Commissions have committees that the public is welcome to serve on, and all regular meetings are also open to the public. Participating as a member of the public in either or both of those capacities may interest you. Also, proving that you are interested and excited to be involved in the Boards should prove to be a great leg up if you choose to apply for a Get Engaged position! Please email getengaged@seattleymca.org if you have any questions. 


The Commitment: Two Parts

  1. Board commitment: Get Engaged participants are appointed to serve a one-year term (September – August) as a full voting member on a city board or commission (see participating boards on the Boards We Serve tab). Participants agree to attend regularly scheduled board meetings and contribute at least 6-10 hours each month to committee meetings. Please note that many boards, especially design review boards, meet more than once a month, and require a commitment of more than 10 hours each month.
  2. Get Engaged commitment: In addition to board service, Get Engaged participants
    • Meet with the Get Engaged team once a month for skill-building, current issue discussions, and an opportunity to reflect on your experience.
    •Connect with other Seattle young adults in person and/or via social media, to promote civic engagement.

By the end of their term, participants:

  • Know:
    o how City of Seattle Boards and Commissions contribute to City functions
    o how non-Board/Commission groups also enhance City functions and how those groups can successfully collaborate with Boards/Commissions
    o how their voice as a young person can be heard by the City
    o personal strengths and leadership skills
  • Feel:
    o that they are an effective Board/Commission member
    o they have the skills to effectively communicate with and learn from government bodies
    o connected to a network of young leaders
  • Do:
    o Seek avenues for continued City involvement after their Get Engaged term ends
    o Share what they’ve learned through their Board/Commission experience with the community
    o Encourage civic engagement in their own generation and younger generations