Youth Connection

The Accelerator YMCA (formerly Metrocenter YMCA) is one of 13 branches of the YMCA of Greater Seattle, exclusively focused on developing the fullest potential of teens and young adults through a range of innovative and high-impact programs. Since 1973, Metrocenter has been a catalyst for sparking young people to build self-confidence,  resilience, and hope, and to build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

Get Engaged members are highly encouraged to connect with youth and young adults in the community. Accelerator YMCA encourages Get Engaged members to extend their leadership skills and call to civic engagement to their peers, as well as the younger generation of developing leaders. Get Engaged members are excited to share about their unique exposure to Seattle’s city government and specific Board/Commission experiences through structured opportunities in Seattle.

To suggest a program or group that would like to collaborate with a Get Engaged member, please email


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